% Arabica


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% Arabica

On the banks of Kamo River, the beloved % Arabica has earned a great reputation for its artisanal coffee, acclaimed as one of the best coffees in Kyōto. In addition to that, the combination of whitewashed walls with wooden elements is so visually appealing it attracts hoards or local and international customers every day. Today, to fulfil the needs of its daily-increasing clientele, the coffee shop has set up two more locations to be found at: - % ARABICA Kyoto Arashiyama - % ARABICA Kyoto Fujii Daimaru (Fujii Daimaru department store)


Kyoto, perhaps the spiritual home of the elaborate tea ceremonies in Japan, has much to say about when and how to enjoy it to its fullest. But the city also enjoys a rich coffee culture, with countless sophisticated and quirky coffeehouses scattered around the city. Today, Kyoto boasts old-style cafes (kissaten) along with more western-style cafes. Picture drinking a fresh, creamy matcha latte or a hot cup of black coffee while ambling around the characteristic cobbled streets lined with wooden houses, temples, and shrines.