Kiso Valley


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Kiso Valley

Four hundred years ago, both Magome and Tsumago were two of 69 staging posts on the 500 km Nakasendo “Highway”, a foot-trail along which local warlords had to make an annual pilgrimage to the then-capital Edo (now Tokyo), to report in. Today, Magome and Tsumago look much as they once did. Magome, easily accessible from Nagoya by rail and bus, has a modern part of town with a few low-key gift shops but once you veer onto the broad foot-trail leading north through “old” Magome, it is very easy to forget that the subsequent centuries ever existed.

Do & See

Let the city guide you. You don't have to put much effort into finding what to do or where to go in a city like Nagoya. Kick off your trip from Nagoya Castle and end it walking the Nakasendo Kiso Valley.