Ichiran Nagoya Sakae


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Ichiran Nagoya Sakae

Ichiran is a nationwide chain specialising in noodles, so if quality Japanese tonkotsu ramen is what you're after, Ichiran will not disappoint. Customize your dish and choose your level of spiciness, amount of green onions and softness of noodles. A visit to this country-wide chain is an experience in itself: guests sit at individual stalls, and food is delivered from underneath a curtain that separates diners from the kitchen.


"Nagoya meishi" is the way Nagoyans define their cuisine. The range of dishes includes miso-flavoured pork cutlets, fresh local seafood and, naturally, the misonikomi udon: thick wheat noodles boiled in miso broth with leeks, chicken, and other ingredients. Spoil yourself with one of the best unagi dishes in the entire country.