Mozo Wonder City


Copyright: Gnsin/Wikimedia Commons

Mozo Wonder City

Mozo Wonder City is one of the city's biggest shopping malls, with its multiple floors packed with shops, boutiques, dining venues and movie theatres. This is a shopping destination that shouldn’t be missed.


As its size and status suggest, there are plenty of shopping opportunities in Nagoya, particularly in the Sakae district. Located next to Nagoya Station you'll find the Meitetsu department store for high fashion boutiques, designer and accessory outlets. Other malls, which also double up as places for entertainment, include Central Park, located beneath the TV towers, and Osu Shopping Arcade on Niomon Street. On the mornings of the 18th and 28th of each month, close by Osu Kannon station, the fun-to-browse-through Osu Flea Market takes place with its mishmash of genuine antiques.