Zarigani Café


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Zarigani Café

With a varied interior and an easy going atmosphere, this is a good place to sit down and relax. Try their Japanese curry with rice and the fancy apple pie. Read a book, plan the next part of your trip or catch up with old friends. Note though that smoking is allowed here.


Cafe culture is thriving in Tokyo, where novelties such as the manga craze have taken over many venues. In addition, the Japanese are caffeine fanatics and kissaten, literally, a "tea-drinking shop" that is also a coffee shop, has been set up on every corner to cater to this demand. During the past decade, Tokyo has seen the emergence of the 24-hour manga kissaten, which offers comic books, internet access, and even a place to sleep for cartoon addicted night owls. Manga, literally translated as "crazy drawings", total almost 40 per cent of everything published in Japan. Magazines can amount to 5 or 6 hours of reading time each, which perhaps indicates the need for around the clock access in manga cafes.